Evangelization:  A responsibility or a right?

            In my high school American Civics classes, I was taught that citizenship brings with it both rights and responsibilities.  By virtue of belonging to our nation, we have certain privileges bestowed on us by law.  However, we're also expected to take up the challenge to be active in maintaining the integrity of our country by voting (please do so on Tuesday, November 6) and by participating in upholding the standards on which our nation is built.

            Did you know that Christianity also presents the same balance of rights and responsibilities?  Like St. Paul, we revel in being sharers of the promise and coheirs of the kingdom of God.  But with this gift comes a great responsibility.  Like sharing the Gospel with others.  It’s important to note that Paul views this as part of the gift—not part of the price he must pay to receive it. 

            Think about it.  Paul rejoices in being able to share the good news of God's love and bringing others into the Church—the Body of Christ.  Like the great missionary saints who helped to bring the kingdom of God to fulfillment, what greater privilege could there be than to participate in that work?

            Much has been given to us in our Baptism.  Not only are we given the rights of adopted children, we’re also entrusted with the work of evangelization--the task of bringing others to the knowledge of Christ and the love of God.  May we relish this and set our hearts to this task, so that, upon Jesus’ return, the divine master may find us busy in the work of his kingdom.


            Please welcome Fr. Arul Ponniayan who presides at my Masses this weekend.  This “pulpit switch” is a collaborative effort to familiarize our parishioners with the other priests in our South Shore Parishes.  In turn, I will preside at Fr Arul’s parishes:  St Paul and Sacred Heart of Jesus.


In God’s Time,



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