“I love you Lord, my strength.” (Ps 18:2)
     It would be nice if there were trumpet blasts and cymbals were playing in the background while the Gospel is proclaimed this weekend at Mass. WAKE UP! OPEN YOUR EARS! PREPARE YOU HEARTS AND MINDS! How familiar the words of the Great Commandment can become:  “You shall love the Lord your God…and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” But Jesus doesn’t treat them lightly. He concludes by saying that the “whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments.”
     Jesus is doing more than just summing up the Ten Commandments, important as they are. Jesus is saying that everything God has revealed to His people, from Abraham up to that day, is contained in these few POWEFUL words: Love God; love your neighbor. Some of His listeners must have thought He was being simplistic and just blew Him off. How do we put these words into practice? WAKE UP!

     Don’t forget that Wednesday is the Feast of All Saints—a holy day of obligation.  Peruse the South Shore Holy Day schedule of Masses in today’s bulletin. Some people celebrate Halloween without really thinking of the feast day it’s named for. After a fun night (or afternoon in some localities) of trick-or- treating, how many rise to attend Mass on All Saints Day? My parents taught us, children, the religious meaning of All Hallows’ Eve and kept us away from ghost, skeletons and Dracula costumes hanging from trees.  We’ve gone out dressed as cowboys, clowns, knights, Peter Pan, their name saints and even Ben Franklin!
     When I was growing up, wizards and witches were extremely tamed images in our culture but today these figures exude a dark side that seems opposed to God…and His goodness. When students at Harvard University publicize their annual “black mass” to mock the Catholic Church, it’s a reminder that there are dark forces at work in our neighborhoods and parents should be extra vigilant.

In God’s Time,


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