We’re in the final seven days of the Church’s calendar year and we honor it with the Solemnity of Christ the King.  Beginning next weekend, with the First Sunday of Advent, the Roman Rite will commence a new liturgical year.  It’s the ideal time to introduce you to three new things.  

First is a new Sunday Evening Mass.  This will take place every Sunday evening, beginning December 2, 5:30pm, at Nativity of the Lord Parish.  This was suggested by several people in the last year and discussed with both Pastoral Councils.  In this day and age, with most young people/families over-committed with work, sports, trips and extra-curricular activities—especially on Sunday mornings—it is my hope that they will choose to come to Mass on Sunday evenings when all the other activities are finished.

Secondly, the three South Shore priests are introducing a new initiative called Adoremus (Latin for “Let us adore”).  It will take place every Tuesday evening, beginning December 4, 6:30pm, at St Paul Parish (on the corner of S Kansas and E Norwich Aves).  It’s an evening for anyone desiring to experience our Lord through Eucharistic Adoration (beginning at 6:30pm), Confession (between 6:30-7pm) and Holy Mass (at 7pm).  Please consider participating in either one or two events—or all three!

Thirdly, a new shared parish bulletin will be published next weekend.  In its current 6-page format, the bulletin offers specific/shared information for both St Veronica and Nativity of the Lord Parishes, Southeast Religious Education, some parish ministries, as well as other events from other South Shore Parishes and the Archdiocese.  The newly expanded 8-page bulletin will offer MOST of the information previously listed above plus a new page featuring the weekend Order of Worship.  It will include:  the hymn numbers, the page numbers for Scripture readings, the responsorial psalm and the Service Music.  In the past, seasonal booklets were provided and printed at a cost.  We will continue to offer this for the Christmas and Easter Seasons.  With the Order of Worship now printed in the weekly bulletin, there will be no extra costs.  The bulletins will now be passed out BEFORE Mass so that everyone may be able to refer to the Order of Worship page and participate fully at Mass.

An important feature on the new bulletin cover will be its logo, emphasizing that we are:  “Two Parishes, One Shared Catholic Community."  The new logo carries the distinct rooflines of both St Veronica and Nativity of the Lord Parishes.  Yet they are blended together by the Holy Spirit, which is shown outpouring its gifts among the people at prayer at both churches.  It highlights that while we are two parishes, we are, more importantly, one shared Catholic faith community.

Let me emphasize at this time that both parishes will be maintained as separate communities.  With the assistance of the trustees, pastoral and finance councils, I envision everyone continuing to work collaboratively in identifying areas where there can be sharing between the two parishes.  I believe it’s important to be efficient and effective in the use of our resources.  To do that, we have to keep in mind the broader challenge facing our two parishes sharing one priest.  First, it requires everyone to be open to where the Holy Spirit is leading us now and in the future.  Secondly, it requires a sober understanding on how we can best share our gifts amongst the two parishes.  We can build on each other’s strengths while also respecting the gifts and charisms of each parish.  If you think about it, that’s what is means to be one Catholic faith community.


In God’s Time,



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