“When the Son of Man comes…he will sit on his glorious throne

…and he will separate them one from another.”  (Mt 25:31-32)


     What a beautiful picture St Matthew paints of Christ Jesus this weekend.  After listening to the parable of the sheep and goats, we might come away with the idea that as King, Jesus has everything sewn up.  He’s enthroned in glory and we’re now enjoying our life in His kingdom.  Yet that isn’t exactly how things are—is it?  We know there’s still suffering in the world.  There’s still sin in the world.  We even know there’s still sin and temptation in our own lives!  Doesn’t it seem like a contradiction?

     Not really.  While Jesus truly is the King of kings and Lord of lords, He hasn’t come back yet to take full possession of His kingdom.  In other words, His enemy, the devil, is still out there, engaging us in a battle of lies and temptations.  The devil’s main strategy is to conquer us through complacency.  If he can fill our minds with doubt, worry and self-centeredness, we’ll eventually become indifferent to God—and dull to the Holy Spirit’s presence.  As a result we begin living only for ourselves.

     This is why Mass is so important.  It helps us remember the power of Jesus’ resurrection.  But even more than that, we receive Jesus in the form of bread and wine.  He comes to greet us with His grace so that we can be empowered for the battle.  His words helps us stay clear-minded and His Body and Blood gives us divine grace and favor.

     So come to Mass with an open heart.  Come before your Good Shepherd and King and let Him feed your heart and your mind.  Come and confess that His grace is the only way you can possibly win the battle.  Call on Him and He will come to your defense.


In God’s Time,



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