“My soul rejoices in my God.” (Is 61:10)

In December 1903, the Orville and Wilbur Wright sent home a telegram from Kitty Hawk reading:  We have flown 120 feet.  Will be home for Christmas.”  However, when their sister shared this message with the editor of the local newspaper, his response was, “Oh, how nice.  The boys will be home for Christmas!”  He had missed the BIG news—that man had flown the world’s first successful airplane!

This weekend’s Gospel has John the Baptist telling the crowd, “There is one among you whom you do not recognize.”  In the dash of Christmas preparations, are you focusing your attention on things on the periphery and missing the central reason for the season?  Is Jesus duly and appropriately recognized in every area of my life? 

As you journey through the remainder of Advent, be honest in reflecting on the ways you’ve fallen short of who God wants you to be.  How well are you in eliminating the harmful things in your life and building on the positive?  In order to rid ourselves from sin, you first need to recognize the circumstances that cause you to sin.

Then, and only then, it becomes proper to make an Examination of Conscience and go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).  Priests in our South Shore Parishes offer Confessions in church every Thursday mornings (at St Veronica), Saturday mornings (at St Augustine) as well as before each of the Saturday Vigil Masses.  There’s also a South Shore Communal Penance Service at Immaculate Conception on Tuesday, December 19, at 6:30pm.  One of the best feelings in my life comes right after making a good confession because it brings enormous healing for my soul.  Everyone needs a fresh start once in a while—so why not now?


In God’s Time,



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