(Homily, Fourth Sunday of Advent: John 9: 1-41)


With continuous coverage of the pandemic it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the details of the “how, where and when” of the coronavirus. It seems that whenever our questions extend beyond the objective to the curious “why,” it oftentimes breeds a subjective and judgmental spirit? When the disciples ask Jesus, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” (Jn 9:2). The disciples wanted to blame the man’s blindness on someone or something. We all know that resorting to this really doesn’t make anyone feel better!

Thankfully, Jesus shows the disciples a better response by marshalling His compassionate resources to HELP this person—which in this case led to a complete healing. Jesus’ touch makes it clear that the man’s blindness happened solely so that God’s works may be glorified. This is so very important.  

In the same way, this unfortunate human pandemic will ultimately be divinely healed. When? In God’s time! In the meantime, there will be much suffering here and throughout the world. What can we learn from this? Whenever we’re curious about somebody’s problem, SHIFT into the Jesus mode. Move past the inquiry mode by providing for their need.

You see, God has wired our hearts with a desire to be CHARITABLE—no one is exempted. We often short-circuit that desire by thinking: “we’re too busy to help,” or “our help won’t make a difference,” or “how can we help when we’re socially-distant.” The sad result is that there are still many people who aren’t getting the help they need. Don’t let this happen! Resolve to give back to the Lord through works of SERVICE—and get the kids and grandkids to join you!

  • Think about others when buying groceries or using the Internet. Don’t hoard—other people have needs too.
  • With thousands of people laid off, our social outreach programs will need food in the coming weeks. Let’s help them.
  • Donate blood if you are healthy and able.
  • Check-in with your family and neighbors. Reach out and touch their pain. Ask if they need anything.
  • Diligently follow all the safety guidelines. Stay positive! Get the family together by praying the rosary, novena or another devotion.

While our houses of worship may be literally closed, our community of believers are spiritually and perpetually “open” whenever we prayerfully assist one another. The celebrity, Dr Oz, said that to effectively treat the pandemic, “…we must give science a chance to win.” More importantly though, being charitable to each other now—in these challenging times—proves that, “… God is already winning.” He has never let us down. Let’s show to others the compassionate love of Jesus.


In God’s Time,



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