“”I have much more to tell you.” (John 16:12)

Many of us are familiar with the television commercials that tell us, “All for just $19.99.  But wait—there’s more!”  Jesus has more for us too and we don’t have to pay another penny more nor any additional shipping or handling charges.  Just think:  more knowledge, more wisdom, more understanding, more love—He wants all of them to be yours!

Jesus spoke these words to His disciples because He knew they were anxious and worried about the future.  Jesus had just told them that He was going away.  All that they had learned from Him and experienced for themselves seemed insufficient as they faced the prospect of life with out Him.  It was a lot to take in. 

I bet you feel that way sometimes too.  We face moments when we wish Jesus were right here, guiding us as He once guided the apostles.  How encouraging then is His promise that the Holy Spirit will guide us in truth!  The next time you feel that way, close your eyes and listen as Jesus tells you. “I may not be with you physically but here’s Someone who will keep speaking words and revealing my love to you—listen to Him.”

Of course, very few of us will hear something as clear as a voice ringing in our ears.  We’ll most likely experience the Spirit whispering in the privacy of our thoughts.  Oftentimes, I’ll experience peace about a decision I’m making about the parishes.  I believe that could be the Spirit.  Perhaps as you consider a stressful conversation you might suddenly think of a line from a hymn you sang at Mass that lightens your heart.  That could be the Spirit.  A Scripture verse you heard on the radio on the way home from work might strike you as something that could help one of your children.  That also could be the Spirit.  Recently, a brother priest offered a word of advice about my broken arm that really pierced my heart.  Again, that could be the Spirit.

You and I are a unique creation and God will tell you “more’ in ways that fit the way He made you.  Whether through words, pictures, friends, feelings:  there’s no end to the ways the Spirit speaks!

In God’s Time,




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