“Lord send out your Spirit and renew the face of the earth.” (Ps 104)

            I read a fascinating article recently about a Pittsburgh native, Jake Laboon, who received various commissions in life. Initially, he accepted a commission as a naval officer during World War II—and awarded the Silver Star.  After leaving the military, he accepted a second commission and was ordained a Jesuit priest.  Lastly, Fr. Jake combined his initial two commissions by serving as a Navy chaplain for 22-years.

            On Pentecost weekend, we’re also challenged, like the apostles, to accept our commissions in life.  We possess various talents—different opportunities pass our way.  But the ultimate commission is to accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who comes to sanctify our world and to serve Christ in all we do.  We probably won’t make the history books like Fr Jake but if we find favor with God, we’ve achieved our life’s goal:  salvation and eternal life.

            I’m grateful to be leaning on the expertise of the Finance Councils at both parishes.  They are navigating through some sobering and expensive building projects that require action sooner rather than later.  At St. Veronica, the original boilers that have been dutifully keeping our buildings heated are beyond repair and will need to be replaced with energy-efficient ones.  At Nativity of the Lord, the three buildings that once comprised Holy Family Parish will need to be razed.  In the past three weeks, vandals have broken into the buildings numerous times, creating damage that require the parish to fix and secure.  Both of these projects are initially estimated to cost approximately 6-figures and it is likely that we may have to take out a loan.  As far as the details concern, we will share them with you as they develop.  On behalf of all members of both Finance Councils, we truly appreciate your continuous generosity and consistent financial support.

In God’s Time,




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