“The Lord's kindness is everlasting to those who fear him.” (Ps 103)

            Most evenings, I like to take a one-or-two mile walk with my dog.  I like to vary my route around the little south shore suburb where I live known as Cudahy.  On one route, I always keep an eye out for the house that has images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary hanging on the wall near the front door.  First of all, I’ve wondered if the occupants are parishioners of Nativity of the Lord.  Secondly, I imagine they aren’t “un-churched” because these two pictures are pretty extraordinary.  So I usually slow down, say a prayer and have a little more “pep in my step.”

            In simple terms, I suppose that’s what a sacramental—like an image, a statue, a rosary, etc.—is supposed to do.  That’s why more it’s than just nice.  It’s important to have them in our homes---even in our cars.  And, if possible, in our workplaces.  In very non-theological way, they’re a bit like “caffeine for the soul.”

            At the doctor’s office the other day, the photo calendar hanging at the nurse’s station reveals three grandchildren at a Fourth of July celebration.  Each precious, little child is sitting on a family member’s lap, watching the firework in the background.  This is a simple, family moment that’s played out in communities across the United States on July 4.  Those moments are defended by our military, an often invisible presence to whom we owe our very way of life.  Each year when this holiday rolls around, it has given me an enhanced gratitude for the liberty Independence Day represents.  A liberty I hope none of us—including myself—never take for granted.  Whatever your plans are, may all of you enjoy the holiday.

In God’s Time,




  • Judy

    Thanks Father! I love your image of caffeine for the soul.