“I will praise your name for ever, my king and my God.” (Ps 145) 

            St. Julian of Norwich (no, she didn’t live up the street from St. Veronica) spoke of being one with God in this way, “The love of God creates in us such a oneing that when it is truly seen, no person can separate themselves from another person.”  When I discovered this passage, I quickly emailed her quote to another friend, who wrote back, “What a VERB!”  And he’s right.  Oneing catches the essence of who we are in God and thus, who we are to each other.

            Similarly, this weekend’s reading from Zechariah urges us to “shout for joy” and the passage from Romans speaks of the abundant life we share in Christ.  The most precious people in our lives—as well as the most annoying—reflect the God who created us all.  Little by Little, we all should be inching our way to an understanding of oneing.

In God’s Time,



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