"Lord, let us see your kindness and grant us your salvation." (Ps 85:8)

The idea of solitude has appealed to me ever since I was a little boy.  I had two other sisters and three brothers but playing in our large backyard sandbox or a nearby dirt lot by myself on a sunny morning was like heaven.  As I got older I would get on my bike and ride the trails along the nearby Little Menomonee River and be alone in my thoughts.  Today, I actually go to the "quietist place in the South Shore" whenever I can - the empty Nativity of the Lord Church.  It's not only a few steps from my living quarters, it's also my little (Trappist) Abbey of Gethsemani.

Of course, Jesus experienced the real Gethsemane, where He truly did feel alone and abandoned.  And yet, as in this weekend's Gospel, Jesus liked to be alone to pray.  There's something quite soothing to us over-busy folks when we hear the words about Jesus on the mountain, "when it was evening He was there alone."

Be sure to check elsewhere in this bulletin for the South Shore Mass times concerning Tuesday's obligatory Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary.

During the middle weekends of August, two missionary groups will visit our parishes to make a personal appeal for our prayers and financial support (August 12-13 at Nativity of the Lord Parish and August 19-20 at St Veronica Parish).  What's appealing (no pun intended) is that these presentations allow us to be educated in what's happening in the missions field today.  Please be generous as you always are!

In God's Time,



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