“May the word of God always be heard in this place,

as it unfolds the mystery of Christ before you and

achieves your salvation within the Church.”

From the Rite for the Blessing of an Ambo


This weekend St Veronica Church will formally bless its “new” ambo.  The milk-white, handsomely smooth, triangular-sided marble pedestal was the former baptismal font.  It is coupled by the talented skills of our parishioner, Gordy Kasprzak, who designed and crafted the book stand with its unique accents and 23-carat Christ Logos to closely match the existing set of sanctuary chairs he built several years ago.  My sincere gratitude and appreciation to Gordy for putting his heart and soul into this project.  It is so beautiful and will certainly be appreciated by this parish community and beyond for many years.  I would also like to thank other parishioners and benefactors for stepping up and contributing financially to make this happen:  They are:Ms. Andrea Cychosz, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Salzer, Kerry David Hendricksen Estate/Judy Caruso, Mr. & Mrs. Steven Koszuta, Mr. Michael Bogdan, Mr. Frederick William Dickenson, Mr. Lee Ferris, Mr. Steven Stocker & Ms. Celia Ferris and Rev. Frank Giuffre.  

Our community should be proud of the work it accomplishes to making the new ambo truly what it is:  a sacred table of God’s word.


In God’s Time,


New Ambo



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