Click on each picture to read about our different committees. If you are having trouble discerning where your time and unique gifts can best be used click on the question mark below. 

Finance Council

The Finance Council works in partnership with parish staff to oversee the parish budget, long-term financial strategies, and record keeping.

Business Meeting
Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council is a group of parishioners chosen from and by the parish community, who together with the parish priests guide and oversee parish affairs as the community attempts to fulfill the mission of the Church. The trustees of the parish corporation also serve on the pastoral council by virtue of their office.

Human Concerns

The Human Concerns Commission gives direction and vision to parish outreach and prayer and support efforts. It provides support when needed for the various ministries.

Stewardship Engagement  

The Stewardship Engagement Team works to promote a vibrant, spiritually motivated and financially secure parish. Creativity is needed to foster a culture of engagement in mission and ministry.

Study group
Formation commission

The Formation Commission meets monthly to determine goals and objectives for parish-wide formation and ministry and provide guidance.