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Dear Nativity of the Lord Parishioners,

Today, I want to write to you about three things. No, this is not one of my homilies, but three important pieces of news about Nativity of the Lord.

Number 1: Room for Everyone! As announced at Easter Mass, we will be moving forward on the expansion of the Narthex(see pictures below!). This new multi-function space will provide a gathering space for parish clubs, committee meetings, bible study, presentations and parish functions. It will roughly seat between 75-90 people. We will build out two restrooms for events held in the space. Having space on one floor will reduce barriers for those with mobility challenges. You can see from the pictures our front entrance will be walled up and a new floor added to create this community space. Entrances will be off our parking lot and off Kirkwood Avenue.  The project should be completed by early 2024. We will have a special celebration to mark the opening of our new gatherings space.

Number 2: Ring those bells! Have you noticed when you come to Mass that our bells are silent? Sadly, due to masonry repair needs, we had to silence our bells in 2021. Included in this project is masonry repairs, so by Christmas, our parish feast day, the sounds of our bells will call all to worship!

Number 3: Hearts filled with Gratitude! These announcements cannot happen without generous parishioners like you. You generously supported the Love One Another campaign along with weekly envelopes and offertory gifts. Special donations made by parishioners have repainted our worship space and in June we added seat cushions to all our pews(see pictures below!). Thank you for your generosity!


I must thank volunteers who stepped up to support this effort. I truly cannot do this alone. I thank all of the members of the Love One Another campaign committee who met and called parishioners to engage everyone in this project. Thank you for giving of your time and talent! We are using the funds you pledged in the Love One Another Campaign. So, completing your pledges is critical.


Special thanks to all of our Finance Council Members who have guided this project from a dream in 2019 through COVID and now our dreams are nearing reality. Thank you for your dedication!


In 2025, we will celebrate the silver jubilee anniversary of Nativity of the Lord Parish. In 2000, that combination was in name only. Each of you made our parish a community by sharing the love of Jesus with others. Please know that I pray for you daily and hope you pray for me and our Nativity of the Lord Community.


Yours in Christ,
Fr. Carmelo

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